Portland Squared!

I had great fun out on the streets with other photographers during ASMP’s “Portland Squared” event.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s work at the end of the day…so many different perspectives!

And I think perhaps most of all I loved feeling of camaraderie that was present throughout the day.  Established photographers came together with students who are just starting out with their careers and it did not matter what type of camera anyone had or whether they were published, won an award, or made a ton of money this year. We all were there for the simple love of photography.

I decided to set up an outdoor studio in a few locations in my “square” of Portland. I took hundreds of images, and at the end of the day, my cellphone images were my favorite of the day.

If working on the streets sounds like something you would like to try, street photography/portraiture is a class I teach regularly. Check the class listings on my website, or send me an email to see if we are in the planning stages of an upcoming class.

A bit of press:

Portland Tribune

1859 Magazine

I Love Rap Music

I love rap music. It makes me want to move my body. It moves my soul.

I got the chance to go see a rap concert in New York City and all I had with me was my cellphone. It was dark in the venue and it was difficult to track the lighting without getting much blur because these dudes can MOVE!

Here are a few images, and also one of the many videos I took.  This one has my cell phone going for a little ride.

Workshop: Mercy Corps’ Communication Team

I am teaching photography classes for NGOs and corporations, and it is especially gratifying to work with an established team already in place when I arrive. We explore many areas of communications and focus on the psychology behind obtaining visually impacting images.  Photography is about much more than just the devices we use for capturing imagery.

Here is the Mercy Corps’ Communications Department having a great time with some of the random subjects we met on the street.

Cheryl Strayed: Poets & Writers Magazine

My images of Cheryl Strayed were featured in the Spring issue of Poets & Writers Magazine. Cheryl’s newly released book, Wild, debuted at #6 on the New York Times Bestseller List, and the movie rights were recently purchased by Reese Witherspoon.

Cheryl was not the easiest person to photograph, as I chronicled in a blog post. She has an intensity and ease about herself, all in one wonderful package.

Workshop: GET IN THE VAN with Leah Nash

I just had an incredibly fun time teaching my first class in a new series of workshops entitled “GET IN THE VAN”.  The concept is simple and dynamic: I team up with another photographer I admire, we select a location, and participants get two-in-one instructors for the workshop. We also try to keep a few locations secret, revealing them on the day of the workshop. And we also keep the class size small so there is plenty of hands-on instruction.

Leah Nash was pure fun to work with on this first class!  Here are some images from our one-day class held on the streets of Portland.

Lecture: Safe Motherhod Conference

I had the honor of being a guest lecturer at the Safe Motherhood Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on April 20. I was the only person who spoke who was not a medical professional, but the audience seemed to appreciate the topic of documentary imagery. I focused on maternal care and the prevention of fistula in Ethiopia, but also spoke about the work I have done in Madagascar.

I included a section about composition and lighting and discussed how they can take better photos of their important work in developing nations. I also showed them how these images can have an impact on the work they perform and the support they require.

Workshop: Street Photography Amsterdam!

I am still basking in the afterglow of teaching a street photography workshop in Amsterdam with one of the most amazing group of people.  We kept the class size small so that we could give hands on instruction regarding how to approach people on the streets and take compelling images of them, plus making a few new friends along the way!

I co-taught this workshop with Michael Schoenholtz, and he was a well oiled machine with his skills and very much fun to work with. We all ended up staying well past the time that the workshop ended, because we loved each other so much!



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