Mercy Corps: Featured Blog Post

Mercy Corps hired me to do some work in Gidole and Konso areas when I was in Ethiopia last month. They produced a slideshow of images that was featured in their newsletter and on their website on International Women’s Day. I hope our combined efforts bring forth increased awareness regarding how important it is to support a girl’s education in rural areas within Ethiopia.

New Series: The Market Workers

Oh, the joy of landing on a subject matter that makes my heart pound faster…

I had literally fifteen minutes on the first day and twenty minutes on the second day to capture these images before police, frustrated shopkeepers, or a pressing crowd stopped us in our tracks. My assistant Dani had to negotiate extensively for us not to have to go to jail. Apparently I need a license to shoot on the streets with a backdrop in Ethiopia. (Working on that!)

But now…I can’t wait to return and see these beautiful faces again.  Such difficult work, such difficult lives they lead, the market workers of Ethiopia.

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