Street Portraits: Josiah

I have been getting back out on the streets to find random subjects that I want to photograph.

It’s all in the eyes.

I spotted Josiah as he skated by on his skateboard, going everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  He now floats in my mind like Walter Chappell and others; they are whispers..not quite in focus, but in my memory, and so alive.

Reminds me of the beauty of ancestors.

ASMP Best Of 2011

My work documenting emergency obstetrics in rural Ethiopia was chosen to be in the American Society of Media Photographers “Best of 2011” project list.  I am hoping that this will bring about increased understanding of the difficulties surrounding maternal health that are present in rural settings.  The Ethiopian government is actively developing solutions to address these problems as quickly as they can, with minimal resources.

Here is an interview that details this project and others that I am working on, plus some of my philosophies and business practices.

Workshops: Jock Sturges + Shelby Lee Adams

I was able to facilitate the arrival of Shelby Lee Adams and Jock Sturges into Portland to teach workshops at Newspace Center For Photography.  Both of them are masterful teachers.  They have an ability to not only teach photography skills and subject engagement, but each brought lessons in life itself.

My path has been altered greatly by each of them.


Px3 Competition Awards

I am very excited to announce that one of my images won a Gold (Portraiture: Family) and Silver (Fine Art: People) award at the Px3 Competition in Paris, France:

In addition, another image received third place in People’s Choice (Press: Fashion):

And my “Children of Africa” series garnered an Honorable Mention (Portraiture: Children) from the judges:

A book showing all winning images will be published later this year!

Portraits: My Daughter

Light. How it changes everything.

I took my daughter to a food cart to have a bite to eat, and the sun was setting. When she looked up to tell me something, I saw this light in her eyes and I whipped out my cell phone.

Piercing eyes. Dramatic lighting. My daughter. A great little place to eat. What more could I ask for?

Portraits: Holy Goalie!

Imagine trying to wrangle a beast of a man into a position where he is sitting in front of a camera for an hour…and liking it. Adin Brown, the goalie of the Portland Timbers, came into the studio dead tired from meetings, endorsement sessions, and brutal practices. He had already canceled once, maybe twice when I think about it, and he wanted to be IN AND OUTTA THERE, super quick.

My friend and fellow photographer Sheldon Sabbatini assisted, and we both worked hard to entice him to stay a little bit longer…like, for an hour. He did.

And we loved it.

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