Px3 Competition Awards

I am very excited to announce that one of my images won a Gold (Portraiture: Family) and Silver (Fine Art: People) award at the Px3 Competition in Paris, France:

In addition, another image received third place in People’s Choice (Press: Fashion):

And my “Children of Africa” series garnered an Honorable Mention (Portraiture: Children) from the judges:

A book showing all winning images will be published later this year!

Portraits: My Daughter

Light. How it changes everything.

I took my daughter to a food cart to have a bite to eat, and the sun was setting. When she looked up to tell me something, I saw this light in her eyes and I whipped out my cell phone.

Piercing eyes. Dramatic lighting. My daughter. A great little place to eat. What more could I ask for?

Portraits: Holy Goalie!

Imagine trying to wrangle a beast of a man into a position where he is sitting in front of a camera for an hour…and liking it. Adin Brown, the goalie of the Portland Timbers, came into the studio dead tired from meetings, endorsement sessions, and brutal practices. He had already canceled once, maybe twice when I think about it, and he wanted to be IN AND OUTTA THERE, super quick.

My friend and fellow photographer Sheldon Sabbatini assisted, and we both worked hard to entice him to stay a little bit longer…like, for an hour. He did.

And we loved it.

1859 Magazine: Across Oregon + Back Again

Seaside to Amity to Burns to Frenchglen to Maupin and back home to Portland….but now I have the backroads travel itch that will not subside. So, off again I go this weekend back down to Frenchglen where I will further develop a story about a twelve year old cowboy.

I absolutely loved this assignment! I met so many interesting people, all with a spark in their spirits. Can’t wait to get back out there.

Here are a few cell phone photos from the five day shoot. See the full portfolio spread in the Summer 2011 issue of 1859 Magazine!

Assignment: Crossing Oregon

Dusting off my cowboy boots, firing up the van, ready to hit the road. I will be crossing the state of Oregon from one corner to the other all in one road trip starting today to document our astonishing state’s diversity. Portraits, nuances, landscapes and honky-tonk places.

This trip: from NW to SE

Suggestions for stops along the way are appreciated! Come out and wave at us as we roll through various towns.

Catalyst Magazine: Dr. Tim Bletscher

What an energetic group of people work in the office of Dr. Tim Bletscher! Everyone was upbeat, caring and most have worked in this office for decades. Dr. Bletscher has spunk and charisma – sure takes the fear out of going to the dentist.

I made all of the images for the story, including this cover shot and all inside story images. It was a great assignment.

iPortland Show

Our group iPortland show received quite a bit of press, even landing a spot on the evening local news. It has been great fun to be a part of this show. All images were taken by professional photographers with their cell phones. The show started at Newspace Center For Photography and is currently at Gallery 135, both locations in Portland, Oregon.

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