Speed Graphic Rocks My World!

I am hyperventilating here.  Just got the scans from the images I took with my 4X5 really old Speed Graphic camera while at the Burnside Skatepark.  The camera works!  The camera ROCKS!

Stay tuned for an upcoming workshop, using vintage cameras on the streets.





(Photo of Quinton Gordon and I taken on the day these images were shot is by the fab photographer Michael Schoenholtz)

Halloween Street Photography Workshop w/Quinton Gordon

Our street photography workshop was a dynamite success!  The participants have formed their own group to continue working together on the streets.  I love teaching with Luz Gallery owner Quinton Gordon.  We are planning several more workshops – some to international destinations – so please let us know if you are interested in taking one.  We promise you will have a spirited time on the streets!

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