University Of Washington Assignment: Shasta Abbey

Just returned from a very quick trip to the Mt. Shasta area, where I photographed University of Washington alumni monks who have lived in the Shasta Abbey monastery for over 20 years.  I only had a few hours to create images, but it was a thoroughly delightful time.

The world is small: the monk who led me around grew up as a boy in California with one of the doctors who is involved with our Ethiopia maternal health efforts.

1859 Magazine Assignment: Horseback Through Vineyards

You can probably imagine my tail wagging Snoopy dance I did when Kevin Max, editor of 1859 Magazine, called and asked me if I would like to take on an assignment where I would photograph people riding horses through Oregon wine country.  I love this lush area of Oregon, am in awe of the amazing wines that our state produces, and really dig assignments where I am photographing people having fun.

The assignment was flipping fantastic – much more than I ever expected!  What surprised me the most was the camaraderie that exists between the vintners.  Since we were visiting many vineyards over two days, and this was essentially a press tour which could result in highly desired PR in Oregon’s National Geo-like magazine, I imagined the vintners jockeying (ha!) for inclusion in the magazine.  Instead, I saw exchanges of support, purchases between vintners, and exclamations of admiration for the neighboring vineyards.

What surprised me secondly was that I would be riding.  And that horses can get spooked.  And they can run.  Whoa Nelly!

Special shout-out to Mary Hansen from ArborBrook Vineyards for coordinating the tour.  We will be back, and your wines are de-lish!

Feisty Girls

I love having my Canon G11 point and shoot with me at all times. I saw these girls at a friend’s backyard BBQ, and I watched them as they were trying to secretly pulling pranks on us.

Footsteps To Healing Book Published

We are pleased to announce that our book, Footsteps To Healing, has been published!  This book relays the intimately personal stories of three Ethiopian women and the maternal health issues they each endure.  In the book, we also outline solutions to help alleviate and heal the various conditions.

Maternal health issues in Ethiopia and other developing nations around the world are devastating to women.  Help us take steps to provide medical training to local health officials, donations of materials, and medical attention to those countries that need it most.

Purchase the book here:

Many thanks to David Maier’s Mt. Hood Community College Integrated Media class for taking on the design project, and to student Julia Art for her beautiful design work.

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