Oregon Ballet Theatre Approves Ad

I am very excited about some great news today! While creating the headshots of all ballet dancers who dance at Oregon Ballet Theatre, I kept thinking about a potential ad for them that would enable the general public to get to know the dancers a bit more intimately.  I contacted my ad agency friend and told him what I was thinking. He created some quick concepts, we met with the marketing team at OBT, and they liked the ad.

I than contacted the editor at 1859 Magazine, asked about potentially running the ad, and today they told me that they will be the first to run the ad.  A full page ad will run in their Winter 2010 issue.

Here is the ad.  I would like this campaign to run as a series using all of the dancers’ photos and words.  We are also looking at changing the font type to be each dancer’s handwriting instead of text.


My Daughter Brynn

Brynn and I got into the studio to make her senior portraits, and after a bit of back and forth on styling (I should hire her!) we came up with some fun shots.  Here are two that we both liked best.



Second Studio Needs Someone To Love It!

My second studio next door to the main studio could use some lovin’.  Since most of my assignments have been on location recently, the second studio is not being used as much.  I would like to find a part-time renter to share it with me.

Here is a photo:


Goodbye Camera

I just received a beautiful photo from a far away land, sent by the person who bought one of my Canon 5Ds. It is like I gave it up for adoption, and now it gets to see things I will never see. I’m very happy about it all…but then, I feel a tiny tug of heart since it was my constant companion for many years.

I wish it the best, and I am thrilled to see what it can do when cherished in the arms of another. I never pointed it toward a landscape, and could not capture something such as this.

My shiny new camera sits near me, all awkward like a new lover.

maui sunset by andrewburdickphotography.com

The above photo was taken by Drew Burdick.  He sent this poem to me, along with the photo:

aloha, rhythm:
the heartbeat
of an ocean.
headlights on the breeze,
found beneath
this single tree:
mahalo, love.

Magazine Work: 1859 Assignment

One of my favorite assignments is to get a call from a magazine, hear a great story about a person, and then get the go-ahead to meet them and photograph them.  I never know what I will find when I arrive at the scene….but most likely it is a fascinating person with an incredible background. I usually only have a few minutes to assess lighting and backgrounds, and I love that challenge of finding the sweet spot of light and learning as much as I can about this person in a short period of time.

Here is a link to a recent multi-portrait assignment from the newly launched 1859 Magazine.

Check out the video on this site as well, for a behind the scenes peek at one of the larger shoots from this assignment. (Thank you for that, Sandymontana Creative!)


Open Studio Night: November 14, 6pm-10pm

The Towne Storage Building at 17 SE 3rd Ave. in Portland, Oregon will have open studio night on November 14 from 6-10pm.  All studios will be open, and the whole building will rock!  I will have new work to show, and a few ideas to share.

Free admission, and friends and family are welcome!


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