Magazine Work: 1859 Assignment

One of my favorite assignments is to get a call from a magazine, hear a great story about a person, and then get the go-ahead to meet them and photograph them.  I never know what I will find when I arrive at the scene….but most likely it is a fascinating person with an incredible background. I usually only have a few minutes to assess lighting and backgrounds, and I love that challenge of finding the sweet spot of light and learning as much as I can about this person in a short period of time.

Here is a link to a recent multi-portrait assignment from the newly launched 1859 Magazine.

Check out the video on this site as well, for a behind the scenes peek at one of the larger shoots from this assignment. (Thank you for that, Sandymontana Creative!)


Open Studio Night: November 14, 6pm-10pm

The Towne Storage Building at 17 SE 3rd Ave. in Portland, Oregon will have open studio night on November 14 from 6-10pm.  All studios will be open, and the whole building will rock!  I will have new work to show, and a few ideas to share.

Free admission, and friends and family are welcome!


Band Photos: The Hugs

I love a good indie band.  Here are The Hugs….definitely a band to check out.  They are setting off on another European tour soon, and needed some updated promo photos before they leave.

And after the shoot, right as we were packing up, they wanted to shoot a quick video.  I grabbed the camera, and here is my first attempt at shooting a music video!








Billboard Sighting

It is great fun to see an image up on a billboard….even if it is in a trashed up area!

These “people” were teeeeeeny tiny 2 inch figures, shot with a macro lens.  If you look up close, the paint job on the faces was horribly done.  Hopefully, no one will climb up there to take a closer look.


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