Band Photos: The Hugs

I love a good indie band.  Here are The Hugs….definitely a band to check out.  They are setting off on another European tour soon, and needed some updated promo photos before they leave.

And after the shoot, right as we were packing up, they wanted to shoot a quick video.  I grabbed the camera, and here is my first attempt at shooting a music video!








Billboard Sighting

It is great fun to see an image up on a billboard….even if it is in a trashed up area!

These “people” were teeeeeeny tiny 2 inch figures, shot with a macro lens.  If you look up close, the paint job on the faces was horribly done.  Hopefully, no one will climb up there to take a closer look.


Ooo La LA! Bringin’ The Chef Home.

I got this hair-brained idea to seduce a chef into coming home with me. And then showing his stuff to a handful of foodie friends.  First up: Mofofiggity from the notorious Nostrana restaurant.

The night was a total BLAST!  I took teeeeeeny tiny camera video, and my “creative ADHD” writer/photographer friend Heidi Swift made some killer stills and posted a blog entry about the evening.

Moz-makin’ video here.

Party time video here.

Sneaky hiding of store-bought mozzarella caught on my stealth camera:


Gerry Ellis’ wild way with the camera:


For some reason, everyone was obsessed with this vacuum cleaner (another Gerry Ellis photo):


Which chef is next?

Hero Wall Celebration + Coverage

Yesterday’s Hero Wall Celebration was a heart-thumping event.  It was so great to see all of the families together, and to hear great music, watch the kids get their faces painted and rejoice in some health improvements. It is a true honor to be work with these families. Huge THANK YOU to Pro Photo Supply and George McGinnis for donating the file prep and printing of the wall, and to DigiCraft for mounting the prints.

TV coverage here.

Oregonian coverage here.

See more of my images here.

And heeeeeere is George, O Printer Extraordinaire!


Letting the doves fly, along with wishes, in the middle of the closed downtown street in front of the World Trade Center:


A father’s emotion:


And there is a serious side to the day as well.  This is not a typical “happy” photo from the festivities, but I am sure this little girl has many questions in her mind.


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