Workshop Added in British Columbia

We are very excited to announce that Joni was asked to hold a week long, hands-on portraiture workshop at a beautiful international arts school on Victoria Island, British Columbia.

Metchosin International Summer School For The Arts takes place on the campus of Lester B. Pearson College, one of the famous United World Colleges. The college is set in an area of extraordinary beauty on a wooded hillside of the Pedder Bay Inlet. Although somewhat isolated, this special environment is conducive to creativity and to the intense development of the arts.


City Club Exhibit

Here is a shot of Portland’s City Club exhibit of wall size portraits from India, Madagascar and Nepal.  The exhibit was up for four months and created quite a stir!  Here is one email that I received:

Hi Joni,

This is Seanna,  from Portland State (Capstones). I just wanted to let you know that JoAnn, a Capstone faculty member and I went down to the City Cub to view your work on Monday. We were both completely blown away by the power of the photographs. It amazed us how emotional the photographs are. We both felt like we could feel the strength and pride of one of the women photographed, we smiled observing the impishness of a grin of someone in the background of another…The quality of the photos are outstanding. We both commented on the TEXTURE of the photos.The photos of the women with head coverings just “felt” like the images were super-imposed onto fabric instead of paper due to the rich texture within the photo. Really, we were just in awe!

Many thanks to Pro Photo Supply for printing the images, and to Lloyd Lemmermann for taking these interior photos.


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