“Where we began” series wins silver award in the 2014 Prix de la Photographie Competition

A few images from the “Where We Began” series were awarded a Silver medal in the 2014 Prix de la Photographie Competition in Paris, France this week.

I will be returning to the Afar region of Ethiopia this December to further develop the series.  It is my hope that these images will bring awareness to the critical needs of these nomadic tribes.

Please see the Barbara May Foundation regarding ways you can join this rally.  For large USA based donations, contact me for the 501C3 organization that directly funds this organization and its highly effective projects.

For more information, please refer to the Afar Pastoralist Development Association.

Afar Man At Hospital

Young Boys From Afar

Afar Nurse

Afar Man and Girls

Young Girls From Afar


The Guardian: Hamlin Article

Today, May 23, we celebrate International End Fistula Day.  May we band together to rally around the women who do not have access to health care and surgical procedures that can prevent this devastating condition.

The Guardian published an article about Dr. Hamlin and her life long quest to see the eradication of this condition.

Dr. Hamlin's 90th Birthday

The Fastest Boy in the World!

I am so very pleased to announce the publication of the children’s book “The Fastest Boy in the World“, which has used one of my images as a reference.  I love to see an image used in other art works.  This one is especially wonderful.

You can order the book here.

Here is the image, and the graphic illustration:

Boy running in Ethiopia

The Fastest Boy in the World FINAL

A New Website For Hamlin Fistula Hospitals

Last month I was able to go back to some of my producer role days, and help the Hamlin Fistula Hospitals update their website for the USA location.

I worked with David Maier, owner of Third Door, Inc., to produce a more image-centric website.  I poured through the last three years’ worth of images to select photos that represented their text.  David had to stay within the established color and style guide, and use their current fonts and logos.  Here is a “before” and “after” look at what we did.

The basket weave and other touches of texture were made from photographs I took of textiles and baskets made in Ethiopia.  Some of these items were made by the Hamlin patients!

See the live version here.

Old Website:



New Website:


Acosia Red Elk

Acosia Red Elk, color version, will be shown in the upcoming PDX Photo Month Exhibit, curated by Chris Bennett, from April 12 – May 6, 2014.

Come on out to one of my favorite cities in the world, Astoria, Oregon, to see the show and experience the chaos and quirkiness where the river meets the sea.

The artist reception will be from 6-9pm on April 12, 2014 at Lightbox Gallery.

Acosia Red Elk

Acosia at Lightbox Gallery, image by Michael Granger

Acosia at Lightbox Gallery, image by Michael Granger

People Of Afar

Words fail me when I try to express how deeply I was riveted by the people I met in the Afar region of Ethiopia.

Living a nomadic lifestyle, they are exceptionally beautiful, hyper aware of surroundings, and also attentive to adornment.  There is a grace and fortitude they exude that is haunting.

They live in the land where mankind began.

Young Boys From Afar

Young Girls From Afar

Afar Man and Girls

TEDxPortland Book

Last summer, I received a call from the coordinator of the TEDxPortland, asking if they could produce a book of my images to hand out to all participants.

They wanted something with a gritty street look and feel, and requested that I send images of the “real” Portland and a few other areas: from skateboarders to drag queens to strippers to authors and everything in-between. I was also asked to create a few images for their sponsors as a thank you for their support.

This week the book will finally go to the printers and we could not be more excited to see it come hot off of the presses.  The book is available only to participants of the 2014 TEDxPortland talks.

If you want to take one home with you, get your tickets here.

Homeless man in park

Drag Queen at Peacock in the Park

Outside of the Chrystal Ballroom


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