Portland Art Museum Brown Bag Talk

Join us for Joni’s presentation “Humanity Before Us: Crossing The Cultural Divide” at the Portland Art Museum.

In the remote area of the Afar region in northern Ethiopia, nomadic tribes are holding on to their way of living: treading lightly on Earth, leading their beloved animal herds to precious water sources and staying true to their practices and beliefs.

Organizations such as The Barbara May Foundation and the Afar Pastoralist Development Association are there to assist with health care and other projects without disturbing the cultural norms.

These tribes from Afar, as well as our own neighbors who may appear “different”, all have gifts to share and teach us for our own reflections. This underlying belief is the value by which Joni approaches her love of the craft of the still photographic image.

Join us for this lecture celebrating humanity from tribal Africa to Portland streets to the man in a Yosemite cave who convinced Joni to leave her corporate job to pursue her love of photography.

This presentation will not be for the faint of heart: more than a few secrets will be revealed.

Young Boys From Afar