Prints For Prints: Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

Have you ever wanted to travel to a country in Africa and experience a country from an insider’s view?

Joni and her friends in Ethiopia will share their love of this magical country with you in ways that will challenge your senses and stimulate your curiosity. In addition, you will work on enhancing your travel and portrait photography skills.

This workshop will focus on a service project called Prints For Prints.  A family photograph is a precious thing to many of us, and especially to people who live in rural areas and often do not have a record of their elders.

Prints For Prints auctions donated photographs and uses the proceeds to set up makeshift studios in rural villages, working with local student photographers when possible, for the purpose of donating the prints to those who do not have photographs of their loved ones.

Follow @jkabana and #printsforprints to watch this project in action!

$2000 workshop fee only; airfare, accommodations and other expenses are in addition to this fee.

Space is highly limited. Send us an email for inquiries and more details. This workshop requires an application and interview process.

Danakil Depression