Street Portraiture, Julia Dean Workshops

Have you ever watched someone go by on the street and wish you could photograph them? Join the spirited and fearless Joni Kabana as she teaches how to effectively engage with subjects, how to find the best local backgrounds on the fly, and how to garner better skills at finding “the sweet spot of light” wherever you are.

We will also discuss the psychology behind working on the streets, composition, various lighting options, and approaching/engaging strangers. We will spend in-depth time shooting in various locations on the street, creating portraits of those you encounter who catch your eye. Joni will demonstrate how to develop an intuitive sense of engaging with subjects and creating backdrops with proper lighting to obtain stunning street portraits that reflect authenticity. Each day, we will review imagery and press the edges of each student’s unique style.

By the end of this workshop, students will walk away with a keen sense about working with people in unfamiliar territories as well as new techniques regarding how to use light found in various situations, plus street strobe lighting. The tips you learn will also deepen your understanding regarding how to enter and connect with foreign cultures. Finally, Joni will leave you with several “challenges” for your next time on the streets and offers to review and critique your new body of street portraiture work. All levels of expertise and camera types are welcome.

Julia Dean Workshop