Madagascar 2008

Mercy Corps.

A third trip to Madagascar has been scheduled for August 2008. This trip will focus on medical practices, a return visit to Torina and her family, payment to Torina’s school for next year’s tuition, and documentation of rituals of the Malagasy. In addition, Joni’s son Ben Opsahl will be leaving in July to teach English and help with various Malagasy organizations we visited last year.

Dr. Philippa Ribbink from Everywoman’s Health will be making the trip, and will be able to work at local hospitals, plus collect information regarding the medical needs within Madagascar. Ten boxes of medical equipment were shipped on a container a few weeks ago, thanks to Dr. Ribbink and Dr. Lydia Collins.

We are still in need of donations to defray costs of this effort, and we are also looking for one wheel chair to bring with us. Many school children have collected educational supplies and are holding fundraisers for the selected charities.

Arnica Creative sent book partial royalty checks to the two Malagasy charities we selected: 4th World Movement and ADRA.

Cakes and Fruit, OH MY!


We worked on an advertisement brochure project with Staccato Design, which included fruits and cakes (from Molly Rizutto at Papa Haydn and chocolate drizzle. Could not think of a better way to spend time on a daylong shoot!

The brochure called for extensive food styling, and multiple lighting effects.