Regence Gallery Is Installed

Regence Gallery photo

After almost a year of traveling, shooting, editing, printing and framing, the Regence Gallery of client images has been installed. The images were narrowed down to a final 18, and each print is 4'X6' or 4'X4'. It is overwhelming to walk the executive suite floors and see all of the different faces from various walks of life. Happiness, grief, strong work ethic, despair, strength: many emotions are represented in the images.

What is perhaps most striking about this project is that the CEO of Regence, Mark Ganz, selected images that provocatively confront the audience: some images are difficult to view and portray situations most of us would rather tuck away from our daily existence. A teenage cancer patient with her father, homeless men and women, a frightened child…these images are paired up with such images as an exhilarated teacher with his students, exuberant cheerleaders and a beautiful Latino factory worker.

Much appreciation goes to all of the Regence Sales and Communication staff who helped with the coordination, to Phil Bard (Cirrus Digital Imaging) for his professionalism and museum quality printing, to Marilyn Murdoch (Katayama Framing) for her exquisite attention to framing detail and her ability to stay calm under pressure even when Joni is teasing her, and to Terry Toedtemeir, photography curator of the Portland Art Museum for his delightful personality and exhibition consultation.

It was a true honor for Joni to complete this project.

Kabana Photography Studio Opens

Joni's new studio space

Joni moved upstairs into her new studio with feverish energy and help from many friends: Matt (from Towne Storage) sanded and shined the floors, Linda painted the walls and found Ken, Michele supplied divine food and some furniture, Gib hammered some things, Jackie supplied the Ouiga board, and Jess, Deanna and Matthew sanctioned it in the best way.

The studio is now open for photography sessions, as well as dinner parties, off-site corporate planning sessions, dancing, happy hour, and MOVIE NIGHTS!