Bicycles, Art, Oh MY!

Holy Moly! What a fun shoot. Cyclists! Bicycles! Fine Art mash-up! A four-year-old kiddo!

When Kevin Max, editor of 1859 Magazine asked me if I would photograph cyclists and their bicycles inside of an art museum, I told him it would never be permitted.

Lucky for us! The current Portland Art Museum “Cyclopedia” exhibit was about to launch, and the timing was right. The museum swapped out people on every hour whose responsibility was to monitor our moves: no one nor any equipment could get within four feet of any art piece.

Lucky for us again: nothing was broken, and fun was had by all.

1859 Magazine shoot at the Portland Art Museum

1859 Editorial Photography Workshop

Just had a great time co-teaching an editorial photography workshop with Leah Nash. Participants’ selected photos from the weekend shooting and critique have been uploaded to 1859 Magazine, where the creative director will select final images for print and online use.

We are all very excited to see which images will be selected for the layouts. Participants learned some insider tips regarding fulfilling a magazine editorial assignment.

(Photo by Sarah Cross)

Magazine Portrait: Gus Van Sant

I spent an hour in my studio with Gus Van Sant, and as one might imagine, it was a highly interesting evening!

He talked about how he gets ideas for his films and a bit about his history. But the most fascinating things he spoke about were of the mundane. He is incredibly aware of his surroundings and I loved the endless questions he had regarding minutia found in my studio.

Read more about him in the latest issue of 1859 Magazine.

Love this man.

1859 Magazine: Dive Bars, Rodeos, & One Very Interesting Man

I just took a peek at 1859 Magazine’s Summer 2012 issue and it is a beauty!  I had great fun working on the Dive Bar assignment, as well as capturing images of Mike McMenamin, founder and owner of all of the McMenamin breweries, restaurants and hotels.

They also ran a story about rodeos, from buckaroos to clowns to cowpokes.  I love shooting at rodeos, and have a great collection of images from various events. 1859 Magazine included some of my shots from the 2011 the Pendleton Round-Up. And here is an opportunity for you! During this year’s PRU, I will be conducting a photography workshop. Sign up, and buckle up for a wild ride!

1859 Magazine: Across Oregon + Back Again

Seaside to Amity to Burns to Frenchglen to Maupin and back home to Portland….but now I have the backroads travel itch that will not subside. So, off again I go this weekend back down to Frenchglen where I will further develop a story about a twelve year old cowboy.

I absolutely loved this assignment! I met so many interesting people, all with a spark in their spirits. Can’t wait to get back out there.

Here are a few cell phone photos from the five day shoot. See the full portfolio spread in the Summer 2011 issue of 1859 Magazine!

Assignment: Crossing Oregon

Dusting off my cowboy boots, firing up the van, ready to hit the road. I will be crossing the state of Oregon from one corner to the other all in one road trip starting today to document our astonishing state’s diversity. Portraits, nuances, landscapes and honky-tonk places.

This trip: from NW to SE

Suggestions for stops along the way are appreciated! Come out and wave at us as we roll through various towns.

1859 Magazine: Sunstone, Career Changes and A Lovely Man

I had the exciting pleasure of working on three articles for the Winter 2011 issue of 1859 Magazine.  Traveling to the wilds of Oregon’s most remote SE corner to the town of Plush, I photographed the conflict over mining sunstones.  For another article, I met several people who chucked their corporate jobs and re-invented themselves. And I met a most special man, John Callahan, the literary executive of Ralph Ellison’s unfinished manuscripts.

Thank you, Kevin Max, for giving me these assignments.  They rock my world.

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