Mary Ellen Mark

It was a great honor to be able to spend time with Mary Ellen Mark in Portland this past month. She was an early influence on my approach to subjects, and I am in awe of the depth she establishes with the people she photographs.

(Chris Rauschenberg, Mary Ellen Mark, Me)

(Mary Ellen Mark with staff at Pro Photo Supply)

A Visit With Mary Ellen Mark

I am still floating over a delightful one-on-one session I just had with Mary Ellen Mark in NYC.  Her work has influenced me for many, many years, and I have the highest admiration regarding how she photographs people.  During our time together, instead of fear or intimidation, I felt an instant bond with her. On Sunday, the day before I left, I received a call from her asking me to have lunch.  We laughed about many things, and only talked about photography for a portion of the time.

I now have a few assignments.  And I will return again soon.

I can already feel a great shift in my approach.  My sincerest gratitude, Mary Ellen.





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