Images Seen in Christiane Amanpour’s CNN Coverage of Gaza

It is a very odd feeling to be sitting in a hotel in NYC and see my images in the background in Mercy Corps’ headquarters in Gaza.  I hesitate to feel good about such a thing when the country is in such peril, but I heard that the images brighten people’s lives there. So I am honored to be a teeny tiny part of effort in that area of our world.

Here is what the Mercy Corps’ video/media director had to say about the photos:

You should know that Christiane asked me where the photos were taken and she really liked them–I mean she totally commented on them and she was not exactly forthcoming in praise on much! So huge kudos to you!!!! Now the hard question.. the country director here (who is an amazing woman from Gaza who ran the office through the war while 4 months pregnant and kept the aid moving…) is in love with your photos. If I left them here she would be incredibly happy. What do you say?  GORGEOUS Pics.  And know you just made the whole Gaza team really happy!!

And to think that I have a hard time transporting these huge images just through town…and they look like they made the trip all the way to Gaza in great shape!  I hope they do brighten the walls during such difficult circumstances.

Here is a link to the CNN story

And many thanks to Pro Photo Supply for donating the printing of the images!